Pal. J. Matulaitis parish house was built and social activities were started in 1991. One of the first activities was to establish the Station of the social help. Volunteers from the parish took care of distributing charity from Germany. Station of the social help was opened till 2010.

1995 was the year when the group of parish youth initiated weekend meetings for children from the parish also for children who used to spend their free time by washing cars near a shopping mall Mada.

1996 was the year when the mentioned weekend activities became a day-care center Vaikai-vaikams (Children to children). This center continues its work so far, taking care of a broad-based support for children and their families.

1999 was the year when a group Tramplinas (Springboard) for disadvantaged young people was created. Tramplinas activities have been organized so far, and next to it there has been a separate group for younger teenagers – Transitas (Transit).

Visiting the elderly at home was started in 1999. This initiative by the parishioners is based on volunteering idea. Today it is integrated with
VA Caritas nursing program.

On 17th January, 2000 our parishioners Birutė Švedaitė-Sakalauskė, Gintautas Sakalauskas, Linas Kukuraitis, Tomas Kurapkaitis (as individuals) and the Parish (as a legal entity) established a public institution Pal. J. Matulaitis Social Center. The purpose was coordination, support, and quality of the social activities.

2000 was the year when a day care center for children accepted the first international volunteer from Germany. Various social activities regularly welcome young people from different countries, they coming under the Erasmus+ programme.

2000 was the year when a day care group for people with mental disabilities Stotelė (Stop) was launched, it was working a few days per week.

Nowadays there are two groups called Atvira bendruomenė (Open community) for adults with mental disabilities. These people gather together for daily work activities and amity.

By year 2003 the experience of work in different areas imposed the idea that the family is a key factor in lives of any person thus establishing Pal. J Matulaitis family support center. Its purpose is to provide specialized social services, to make them more accessible for the whole family and take care of community activities.

2004 was the year when the volunteers operating in the field of disability initiated the leisure club for children with complex disabilities called Kiemas (The Yard). According to the accumulated practice two groups – for children and for young people have been organized with the common original principle – children, young people and volunteers gather together for mutual amity.

2004 was the year when the Social Center gained the status of methodological center and has organized trainings for staff from organizations that act in the social field.

2005 was the year when cooperating with the Food Bank, the Social Center launched food support program. Every year the food is provided to approximately 600 parishioners in need.

2011 was the year when the street work was started. It involves the activities for young people who spend most of their time in the backyards, supermarkets; as well creating an open space for young people.

2013 was the year when the construction of the third floor of the parish house was launched.
It is intended to settle the vast majority of social activities.

The first leader of the Social Center was Tomas Kurapkaitis. In 2001 Linas Kukuraitis became a leader. From the year 2005 until now the Social Center has been led by Dalia Beliukevičiūtė.

At present time there are 17 employees, 30 local and 5 international volunteers.