Daily group „Tranzitas“

Daily group Tranzitas is designed for 12 – 14 years old teenagers who confront with various difficulties in their families or at school. The main purpose of the group is to help the youth to undergo easier difficulties evoked during their early teens, also to develop youth’s social, everyday life and learning skills, to create secure environment for socializing with contemporaries.

Working in a group. Activities in Tranzitas group take time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:30 pm o’clock to 6:30 pm o’clock. Teenagers eat, learn and spend their leisure time together in a group. During activities, we are seeking to increase teenager’s social and learning skills with casual and interactive ways. Employees do not avoid topics related to masculinity – femininity, interrelationship and addictions. What is more, it is truly important during those activities to develop responsibility skills by making a teenager responsible for long-term commitments.

Individual work. If there is a need, the young people are invited to individual meetings with employees or volunteers.

Working with family. Employees of Tranzitas act as mediators working with family. The accent is to help the child, whereas employees undertake a work with family unless it is apparent need.

Team of Tranzitas:

Michail Arefjev, Social Worker

Emilė Kviklytė, Social Worker

Kristina Geleževičiūtė-Vlaskova, Head of the Department of Children and Youth

How to contact us?

Mob. nr.: +370 608 05424

Tel.: +37068314350

E-mail: tranzitas@matulaiciosc.lt