Atvira bendruomenė (Open community)

It is the inclusive social help for people with intellectual and complex disabilities and their families. This activity is a place for people to make life more available, comfortable, accepting and open for everyone through common work and activities, help for each other, simple and sincere friendship.

We have:

  • The groups of working employment for adults with intellectual disabilities;
  • Free time activities: clubs ”Kelias“ and ”Kiemas“ for children and youngsters with intellectual and physical disabilities.

The groups of working employment

Disabled people are meeting every working day from 9.00 until 16.00. The main goal of the group is to create structured environment, where disabled people are able to develop and to improve their working skills. We also propose different educational activities (like social skills lessons, computer classes, and theatre and music activities). In this way, disabled people can work and learn different things.

We have two groups. Each group consists from eight disabled persons. There are working two social workers, also international and local volunteers.

Our groups are quite small because we seek to strengthen relationship between people and to increase the quality of work. In addition, we pay attention to each person, his or her strengths, abilities and skills and we try to meet personal expectations and needs.

Our activities:

  • Working employment: making candles, making icons and prayer benches, ceramics, postcards production, rooms cleaning;
  • Different skills training: painting and drawing, theatre and music activities, computer classes;
  • Social skills training;
  • Pastoral care: catechesis, retreats, participation in the Holy Mass;
  • Participation in the local community’s and city life: organization of the community’s celebrations, participation in the different cultural city events or fairs;
  • Summer activities like different camps and trips;
  • Social and psychological help for family members, material support.

Atvira bendruomenė team:

Jolanta Zeleniūtė-Pires, Responsible of  Atvira Bendruomenė (Open Community)

Eligija Sakalauskienė, Employment Specialist

Miglė Baltrūnaitė, Social Worker

Evelina Kuizinaitė, Social Worker

Beata Kazėnienė, Individual Care Specialist

Gabrielė Gervickaitė, Employment Specialist

Dovilė Maleckienė, Employment Specialist

How to contact us?

Phone: +370 5246 17 72