Local volunteering

Volunteers are an important part of our organization. Therefore, every year we invite people to contribute to our underway activities thus creating overt and active community. We notice that by making a relationship with clients, pursuing an activity and reflecting it, volunteers get various competitions that help them to reach their personal goals.

The offers for volunteers:

  • A possibility to spend their free-time meaningfully and creatively by helping others;
  • A possibility to test yourself in a social work sphere: work with children, youth or people with mental disabilities;
  • Volunteering trainings before starting an activity;
  • Two informal educational seminars per year;
  • A chance to get organizational and team-work experience;
  • Information about volunteering opportunities in Lithuania and abroad.

What kind of activities you can choose for volunteering?

Daily care centre Children-to-children (Vaikų dienos centras Vaikai – vaikams)

We are waiting for the young people who want to share their management and attention with children and to get backwards a lot of joy, simplicity and inexperienced impressions. We would like to invite volunteers to help children in preparing their homework, also to contribute to their free-time activities’ organization, for example, to conduct art, sport, cookery, development of social skills trades, moreover, we invite to travel together to the summer or school vacation camps. An activity takes time every day from 14.00 to 18.30. We anticipate that volunteers may commit 4 – 5 hours per week to volunteering at daily centre.

Big friend programme by Brothers Big sisters programme’s principles (Didžiojo draugo programa)

We are inviting volunteers who would like to create a friendly relationship between a child and an adult. The participants of this programme are children aged 7-14, who have difficulties in finding friends, a lack of support and individual attention, who feel lonely, experience taunting of their contemporaries in their surrounding or face other difficulties. We anticipate that volunteers may commit 2 hours per week (also on weekends) to spending time with the child.

Group for young teenagers Tranzitas

We are waiting for volunteers, who would like to help the youth to undergo easier difficulties evoked during their early teens. Group contains many activities such as: learning, playing board games, watching movies, etc. However, the main purpose of the group is creation of the space where the youth may have overt conversations about topical issues, for example, when you feel neither child nor teenager. An activity takes time three times per week from 15.00 to 18 o’clock. We anticipate that volunteers may commit at least 3 hours per week to volunteering in a group.

Working employment group for people with mental disability Atvira bendruomenė (Open community)

We are inviting volunteers to join to the everyday activities, such as: cooking together, going for shopping, teaching computer literacy, making icons and candles, socializing a lot and also to contribute to organizing camps and trips. It’s a great opportunity to be in a sincere relationship and to experience the meaning of being a part of community.

An activity takes time every day from 9.00 to 16 o’clock. We anticipate that volunteers may commit at least 2 hours per week to volunteering in a group.

Children’ and youth’s clubs Kiemas and Kelias

We are waiting for people who would like to spend their time meaningfully with children and youth suffering from mental or complex disabilities. This activity is executed twice per a month. Volunteers invite to create a friendly relationship with disabled mate, for example, by playing together, creating something, acting, organizing and celebrating holidays, going to the theatre, cinema or other town events.

How to contact us?

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