About Us

The purpose of the public institution The Blessed J. Matulaitis Social Center is to provide social support, to help people to preserve their dignity and to defend their rights. The social center’s activities are based on the social teaching of the Catholic Church, combining professional social help, community-based social initiative and community organization.
The activities are oriented towards the people living in the Vilnius Blessed J. Matulaitis parish territory (Viršuliškės, Šeškinė, Justiniškės and Pašilaičiai elderships).


• Analyse the community’s resources, identify the most important social needs and provide social services to various target groups in the community;
• Encourage people to solve their problems more actively, helping them develop mutual assistance and cooperation;
• Encourage people to share their own resources, create good conditions for them to engage in voluntary activities and support social initiatives of the parish;
• Take care of the training, personal development and professional competence improvement for social workers and volunteers;
• Seek mutual cooperation between the social support institutions in the parish territory;
• Encourage public spirit and strengthen non-governmental sector activities.


DAY CARE CENTER VAIKAI – VAIKAMS – help for 7–12 year-old kids and their parents who experience difficulties.

TRANZITAS – help for 12–14-year-old kids and their families who experience difficulties.

TRAMPLINAS – long-term programme for 14–20-year-old people who experience difficulties.

SOFKĖ – social work on the street with young people.

ATVIRA BENDRUOMENĖ – integrated social help for people with intellectual and complex disabilities and for their families.

FOOD ASSISTANCE PROGRAM – help by providing food to those who lack it.

COMMUNITY EVENTS – organizing holidays for the parish.

VOLUNTEERING – rallying and supporting local and international volunteers.