Tramplinas Programme

The Tramplinas programme is aimed at young people between 14 and 18 years old who experience social and psychological difficulties at school, in their families, with their peers or while seeking employment. The goal of the programme is to help young people get to know themselves better and to strengthen personal qualities that are necessary to operate in everyday life.

The programme is composed of the following:

Individual work

  • Social counselling: young people have an opportunity to have an individual counselling session in order to discuss issues that are important to them. These meetings are usually related to solving problems that arise in their families, at school or among their friends; how to choose a profession and get employed; what to do when they violate legal acts, etc.
  • Representation: depending on the circumstances social workers can accompany the young people to other institutions if they cannot be accompanied by family members or other relatives.
  • Mediation: social workers accompany the youth to job interviews, organise visits to professional schools, help the youth in finding extracurricular activities and act as the “middle man” in other spheres.
  • Functional counselling: the conversations between the youth and the social workers do not have a set topic or time limit. Social workers respond to arising troubles, dilemmas and conflicts depending on the circumstances of the situation.

Group activities. The aim of group activities is to help the youth to develop the skills of communication, self-control, conflict resolution, teamwork and self-sufficiency through various everyday activities such as preparing food, playing foosball, watching movies or having group discussions. A lot of attention is concentrated on ensuring a safe interactive environment, on group processes and on encouraging the youth to initiate, plan activities as well as make them happen. Group activities are held twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Experiential weekends. This is a long-term programme of experience-enhancing learning that makes up a part of the process of working with a group. During these weekends the emphasis is put on the development of various skills such as communication, conflict resolution, etc. The youth is encouraged to challenge themselves individually and as a group during the variousoutdoor and indoor experience-enhancing activities. The reflection of the gained experiences and efforts to understand their own behaviour consciously are of the highest priority herein.

Important to the team of social workers:

Goal. We think that the most important thing for young people is to discover and to understand their own limits and the barriers of the environment that make it hard to feel good about themselves as well as successfully lead everyday lives. We try to inspire them to change the situation while accompanying them through that change. We believe that when the inside and outside conflicts diminish, the young persons will be able to evaluate his/her own situation adequately and make appropriate choices.

Relationship with a young person.In terms of activities, the most important thing for us is to build a trustworthy relationship between the workers and the youth as well as the youth amongst themselves.We work with the family of the youth only when it is the resource rather than the hindrance while solving problems.

Teamwork. Teamwork is important for us because we can explore the real needs of the young person or the group in more detail and then seek an effective way to answer them. If there is a need and possibility, we collaborate with employees from other institutions.

Team of Tramplinas:

Ugnė Dunčytė, Social Worker

Agnė Veclovaitė Juodė,

Youth and Children’s Coordinator


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